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English for International Business and Global Affairs

With EIBGA you will learn how to work efficiently and effectively in the international arena, promoting and developing your English professional skills in business and negotiation.

By the end of the Master you will have developed international intermediation competence in English as well as key interpersonal and intercultural skills – the cornerstone of successful communication!


International working networks require cooperation between parties seldom sharing the same linguistic-cultural backgrounds. Join us to develop your intercultural skills to prepare for and invest in your global future!


The Master will train specialists in business communication and negotiation in English. From global competition to fair trade, from client centricity to the art of business crisis leadership. Become an expert in win-win situations!


Develop precisely those English language strategies you need in specific professional contexts. The content of the Master is designed to go hand in hand with your language needs!

Held in partnership with the Italian Diplomatic Academy


Flexibility, the ability to win interlocutors’ trust, and familiarity with critical and responsible thinking are key characteristics of good negotiation and communication in all areas of work. Develop these skills through cooperative activities and practical simulations throughout the course!

The Master will allow students to acquire and/or develop specific English language skills in operational and managerial areas where intermediation and negotiation between parties are crucial.

Priority will be given to international relations at commercial and diplomatic level, proceeding from the assumption that key characteristics of good communicators at all levels of linguistic competence and in all areas of work include flexibility, ability to win interlocutors’ trust, and familiarity with critical and responsible thinking.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to apply acquired skills to their areas of work, whether private or public, profit or non-profit. They will also have acquired the means to manage wide-ranging commercial, diplomatic and relational contacts at both national and international level.

The Master will thus train specialists in economic and diplomatic communication in English, since relational networks in international professional contexts require cooperation between parties seldom sharing the same linguistic-cultural backgrounds.


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