Executive Director of the Italian Diplomatic Academy

COURSE: Language in economic diplomacy

After graduating in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Padua, Dr. Chabib studied Globalization and Public Policy at the ULB (Brussels) and thanks to a full scholarship of the EU Commission he studied EU International Relations and Diplomacy at the College of Europe (Bruges). 

Dr. Chabib before entering the field of Diplomacy and Global Affairs worked for the Gruppo Banco Popolare and the Société Générale. At a very young age he became Associate Expert in Public Policies Analysis at the ASEAN Regional Center of Excellence on MDGs in Bangkok, a center welcomed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, working with the UN, the ASEAN Secretariat and the Member States. At a later stage of his mandate in the South-east of Asia he worked as a consultant for the UN and other major institutions and organization in the field of International Development and Public Policy. 

During his Belgian stay he worked for several Permanent Missions to the EU and Private Sector providing expertise in EU Affairs.   

With his renowned sympathy for youth and his worldwide network of friends, Dr. Chabib has launched several initiatives at global level aimed to empower youth and build the next generation of leaders. These initiatives have been welcomed and recognized internationally by the UN, UNESCO, FAO and several Member States.

In recognition of his continued engagement and contribution to build a better future for the generations to come, on March 2019, Dr. Chabib was awarded the PhD Honoris Causa by the Constructivist University of Mexico.

Dr. Chabib thanks to his diverse background has extensive expertise in the fields of International Relations, Geopolitics, EU Affairs, Economic Diplomacy, Foreign Policy Analysis and International Development. Since 2014 he has lectured and co-lectured with top level professors in a variety of trainings and, in recent years, he was invited by several universities to hold lectio magistralis on pressing global issues. 

Currently, Dr. Chabib is the Executive Director of the Italian Diplomatic Academy and NGO Representative to the United Nations in New York, and since 2018 he is the Chairman of the World Council for Youth and Diplomacy, a New York-based Global NGO. He also serves as adviser for companies in the domain of international trade.