Ernestina Alboresi has a degree in Philosophy from the Course of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Bologna. She is a professional and experienced journalist and in 2007 she was one of the founding members of ANCEP, Associazione Nazionale Cerimonialisti Enti Pubblici. For ANCEP she was the first Vice-President and then President until 2013.

Ms. Alboresi has gained experience in the field of information and communication working for various newspapers and at the Emilia – Romagna Region agency, in which she has held various managerial roles, including those of Head of the Press Office of the Council and Head of the Ceremonial Service and External Relations of the Legislative Assembly. In this context she was responsible for internal and external communication and the enhancement of institutional representation coordinating, among other things, the organization of ceremonies, conferences, conventions, seminars, events of various kinds including national and international meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions and concerts.

Ernestina Alboresi has been speaker in many seminars and conferences about ceremonial, she collaborates with various public and private realities. She also carries out teaching activities on the subjects of her competence for ANCEP, training schools and italian government agencies.

She is a member of the Mass – Media Commission in the Scientific Committee of ADI, Italian Diplomatic Accademy.

Since 2018 she has been Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Cerimoniale Oggi, the only Italian magazine entirely dedicated to Ceremonial and institutional representation.