Francesca Simeoni received her PhD at the “Parthenope”University of Naples  and  is now an Associate Professor of Management at the University of Verona. 

She is a member of the Quality Assurance Board of the University of Verona. She has also been a member of the Academic Senate and of Board of Governors at University of Verona. 

Her main research fields focus on:

  • Sustainable development: this is her current and most important research interest. She studies the sustainable development from different point of view and for different contexts and industry sectors such as tourism and cultural events, SME, but above all fair trade. 
  • Management and decisional processes: this was the first important research in her academic study. The purpose of this research is to define a model that allows the integration between the rational and irrational components in the economic evaluation of an industrial investment for improving the selection process of the alternatives, with a problem solving approach.
  • Tourism management: the purpose of this wide research area is to study aspects of the tourist sector such as the monitoring system of tourist flow, other managerial aspects of tourism companies and the problems of development for a tourist destination. In particular, recently she has studied the en plein air tourism and slow tourism from  point of view of offer and demand. 

In the past she has conducted further research on public utilities, congress events and above all on health services.

She publishes her research findings in various key international journals and books.