Associate Professor of Public Comparative Law at the University of Verona

COURSE: English for Global Legal Studies

Matteo Nicolini, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Public Comparative Law at the Department of Law, University of Verona (Italy); he has also worked as a Visiting Lecturer at the Newcastle University Law School (the UK); external partner of the Centre for the Study of Law in Theory and Practice (LTAP), Liverpool John Moores University (the UK); Senior Researcher at the Institute of Comparative Federalism, Eurac Research (Italy).

His fields of research include comparative methodology, European constitutional law, federal studies, judicial review of legislation, law and literature, African law, legal geography, and legal linguistics.

He is the author of monographs, essays, and articles in Italian, Spanish, and English, including (with Thomas Bennett, Emilia Mickiewicz and Richard Mullender) the editing of Law and Imagination in Troubled Times: A Legal and Literary Discourse (Abingdon: Routledge, 2020); “Turning Vanity Fair into The Coelestial City: England’s Legal Narratives of the Body Politic from Bunyan to Thackeray”, in PólemosJournal of Law, Literature and Culture, 12(1), 2018, 123–145; “Writing for the ‘Scholar and the gentleman’. Language, Society, and Legal Education in Blackstone’s Commentaries,” The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin, 34(2), 2018, 1–32; Inequality of Goods and Lands’ in Mortgaged Democracies: Paradigms and Effects of Global Comparative Law”, Liverpool Law Review, 41(1), (2020): 27–44.